bea (or any nicknames)
october 6, minor
libra sun, cancer moon,
gemini rising
she/her, bisexual
languages: german, english,
some spanish and french


^__^ dancing, singing, cats, the universe, minimalism, fashion, menswear, art, iced coffee, fruits, kurtis conner, bestdressed, sailor moon, alex lawther, buzzfeed unsolved, the try guys, sherlock, black mirror

>__< any kind of discrimination or abuse, sexualization of minors, tight spaces, flies, hot weather


may 24 1997
<3 main dancer <3
lead vocalist
main ult


    december 30 1995
    <3 lead dancer <3


      stray kids
      march 20 2000
      <3 main dancer <3
      lead rapper


        min yoongi,
        kim seokjin bts
        ten nct
        yang jeongin,
        lee felix stray kids
        kang taehyun txt

        kim jiwoo,
        son hyejoo,
        jo haseul loona
        lee haeun mnh
        seo hyerin exid
        kim yuna khan
        hirai momo twice
        kim hyuna solo
        chang seungyeon clc
        kim jennie blackpink
        kim chungha solo
        lee sunmi solo


        i might sb u if ur tweets are overly negative or nsfw because it makes me uncomfortable, please dont take it personally! sometimes i also sb people who constantly ignore me ;—;

        im young and probably uneducated about some things! if i say or do something problematic, please tell me respectfully. i never intend to be mean, i respect everyone who respects me. dont follow me if u dont give uneducated people a chance and/or dont accept sincere apologies!

        if i forgot to tw something that triggers u, please let me know immediately so i can quickly delete my post and remember to tw it next time! i dont wanna make anyone feel uncomfortable :(

        if u dont wanna be mutuals w me anymore, sb me. no hard feelings!

        lets be friends! im kinda shy and awkward but i always try my best to respond to dms soon and its only a matter of time for me to get comfortable talking to u ^3^


        just songs n albums ive been enjoying recently (no specific order). here on my carrd bc i dont wanna clutter my twt account! feel free to recommend me music at any time :D

        stray kids' new album!!
        loonas recent album
        txts debut album
        Bon Bon Chocolat - EVERGLOW
        Pinky Star - GWSN
        TUXEDO - Ravi
        Gravity - TREI
        Noir - SUNMI
        Hikikomori - BANG YONGGUK
        TROUBLE - EXID